"Hugs for Mystikaal"

2007 Nikita Malha. All rights reserved worldwide.
Given to me April 6th, 2007

This drawing was done by Nikita Malha aka Kenthayle. Here's her comments:

"The lovely mystikaal bought me a year's subscription to dev, so she gets a great big
hug from my normally-cranky Thayle persona.

Now, I really have no idea what Mysti actually looks like, so I drew her like her avatar...
which I think is a sketch of Aaliyah. Meh. Mysti strikes me as a very elegant sort of lady,
which I tried to show here.
Thanks a million times, Mysti. You get hugs forever!"

'Twas a pleasure Nikita! I'll have to give out subscriptions more often if it means I get
sweet little gifties like this!

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