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Added July 27th, 2004

"As a neophyte demon, she struggled with herself to remember her noble heritage and who
she once was. If only she could be strong and resist the urges to do evil. Maim, kill, devour!!!
The stongest urge of all - to seek revenge against the one who transformed her into this wretched creature."

Yeah, so this was fun. I didn't know she was going to be a demon when I started. I was just
having tons of fun moving that pencil across the page. It's a bit of a mess....I was trying to
do two things I hadn't really done before - a profile, and show some deep emotion. I was going
for anguish, but I missed it by that much....lol. Hmm.....the hair, let's not mention that, mkay?
Don't mention that nondesign on her bodice either. I definitely got into the 'if I work on this
anymore, I'll just mess it up phase'. Though, if I was going to do something else to it, I would
break out my blending stump and smooth out some of those lines. But, I guess the rawness of the
linework ties into the rawness of the emotions, or something....sure, right. :D

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