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Last edited November 12, 2005

Well, funny story with this one. This is my first completely computer drawn piece of art.
The first thing I started working on as soon as I bought my wacom. She has gone through
many transitions since I first started. I started just doodling very small and now the
image I'm working on is at 765x1004. I actually want to do a drawing of the two of them
together - what she looked like when I started, and what she looks like when finished.
They could be cousins or something, but I digress.

This is the last craptacular version of this..lol. I was doing some experimentation that didn't
quite pan out. I will be picking this up again with photoshop and try to salvage something from
this, just because her design intrigues me and I want to see what I can come up with. She has
cranial ridging (which you can see the beginning of here), nasal ridging, and those ear flaps.
I thought I was being all original with her design until I did a search for some Star Trek pics to
reference for the ridgal shading. I realized that she is just a mix of Klingon/Cardassian,
Vorta, Borjoran, with a slice of Xindi hairstyle thrown in. I watch too much Star Trek...lol

I used a pic of Angelina Jolie as reference for the pose, I hope I'm not making her look
too much like Angie. I wasn't really going for that, but I do have that habit sometimes.
Don't mind the shading on her face right now, it's going through some transitions.
By the way - I really suck at cg'ing! You heard it here first!!

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