"Little Whattzit"

2005 Sandra Campbell. All rights reserved worldwide.
Last edited September 18, 2005

This is a sketch I drew to help me with a digital painting I've been working on since
forever, lol. He's like a cross between a baby dragon and a duck or something.....not
really sure what he is. Still trying to figure out how the legs and feet should look. He won't
get much more specific than this, just have to fix his leg and then finish the tail design.
Don't mind the really pixelated scan....my scanner is acting up, but it's just a guidline for
my painting, so it doesn't matter too much.

Hoping to finish this guy soon so I can start coloring it. I was trying to make him look
scared, but it came out more surprised or curious. I think he's a cutie, though. Once
finished, this will just be added to the sketchlings section, and hopefully replaced by a
WIP shot of the larger painting it belongs to.

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