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Last edited December 17, 2005

So, one day I decided that I absolutely HAD to do some drawing - as opposed to finding
something else to do, as usual. As I'm about to crack ye olde sketchbook, I look at my desk
and see my much wished for and highly unused wacom tablet. So, I take it in hand, and open up
the much wished for and never used Painter Classic and start to draw.

I thought it was going to be just a doodle because I have not gotten used to using the tablet
in the least. As I am drawing, and I keep adding more and more space to the canvas. It is now
just truly huge - a full body drawing (was just going to be a head shot). I'm having troubles with
the proportions on the body - I draw men so rarely. Still trying to figure out what goes where,
and how big things should be, so don't mind the messy messiness of it. Probably not a good idea
to try drawing a man (which is a challenge for me in and of itself) as my first computer drawing. ;)
I have actually fixed the problems with the torso, now to figure out the stance...

Big props to people who can use their tablets with ease.....it is just kicking my butt!! I just need to
find a way to make it feel more natural. I guess that just comes with time and practice. lol, I
certainly have managed to scratch it up....probably because psp doesn't have the pressure sensitivity
like ps does. The scribbliness was not intended, but I just have a hard time trying to get something
non scribbly. Though, it may have to do with the fact that the actual size of the drawing is huge, and
most of this was drawn zoomed out so I could get an idea of the overall look.

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